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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  February 20, 2019 7:00pm-7:34pm +03

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and the president who came together to end up apartheid in south africa nelson mandela and f.w. de klerk face to face on. women and children ferried out of the village of. last stronghold in syria the village itself could be recaptured within days. hello i'm in london you're with al jazeera also coming up on the program the president of pakistan administered kashmir tells al-jazeera there is a risk of war with india after last week's bombing in the disputed region more british politicians resigned from that political parties over breaks it this time three lawmakers from the ruling conservative policy and a lifeline for patients in war torn yemen we look at the app that connects them
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with people willing to donate blood. i still wants controlled most of eastern syria and a third of iraq it's now on the brink of defeat its territory reduced to a sliver of land that u.s. backed syrian democratic forces have started evacuating civilians from syria's eastern village. dozens of trucks have left the besieged and place officials say the presence of civilians in had slowed their advance it's believed they were being used as human shields by eisel forces well some five hundred fighters remain holed up in the area evacuated civilians have been taken to the camp in northern syria which has been coined the village of the damned many eisel brides including the british teenager shamima baker of ended up the camp
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a segregated one pot for ordinary citizens the other for suspected i still families meanwhile further south on syria's border with jordan is the rock band camp it lies inside the so-called de confliction zone set up by u.s. forces and is controlled by free syrian army rebels well there are around forty thousand people. mostly women and children living in the rock band camp they were given a twenty four hour window to leave by the syrian government in russia but many decided to stay because of safety concerns. but i never saw the official but i study and see the crossings opened by the regime and the russian military police are claimed to be safe but the people here are not feeling any safety or stability people here feel as if they are drowning and looking for anything at all to rescue themselves the road to the camp has been kept. arms that people don't believe that these crossing are open to. me but. i am for me
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personally if i leave it would be only to go from one day trip to another if i found a safe place for may my kids and my family i would guard business for the commander for opening the crossing is a good step but we wanted to be our the same by the un because of lies we have been told before nobody believes these crossings are safe. algis there is emraan cohen joins us now from on the turkey syria border and iran as we were hearing that the presence of civilians as slowed the pace of the offensive how close is who is to being completely recaptured. well given. ten trucks have left with women and children who were trapped in the village and been taken to safety. it looks likely that there will now be movement. into the villages just to bring you up to date most of the villages actually completely destroyed. now in about.
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they are holed up in but they've been prepared for this fight for a very long time and they know the village well they know the territory very well so it won't be an easy fight and democratic forces will have to go in through the main routes into the village and that's where the face. of the ice has actually underneath the village in tunnels that they've been digging and they'll likely to be able to use those tunnels to try and get behind the. but what we're hearing from they're incredibly confident they say that the village will be taken within the next twenty four hours but i have to say they have been saying that for a few days now the offensive. inside the village and the un were very concerned about this in effect holding those people. human shields. a lot of them have now left here and there was one thousand people there now we don't know how many civilians left within the village we know that
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a number of them have gone so it's all down to the fact that. all the civilians. that they've been planning now for a number of days thank you very much from gaza. thank you. meanwhile the british teenager we mentioned earlier who is now in the camp in northern syria has had her citizenship revote she was one of three girls from east london who went to syria to join i sill in two thousand and fifteen just days ago she gave birth to a son in the camp and now wants to return home leave barca has more. the nineteen year old who gave birth to a baby boy over the weekend was told via letter to her parents that she was being stripped of her british citizenship according to home office it was not conducive to the public good to allowed to return to the u.k. according to the nine hundred eighty one british nationality act the u.k.
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can legally do this providing they don't leave anybody stateless in the process according to family she doesn't have any other citizenship she doesn't have an have any other passports but we believe that she does have bangladeshi heritage and there is something a bangladesh called the law of blood allowing people with bangladeshi lineage to eight be able to apply for citizenship it does of course prompt a very obvious question is she now for no matter how temporary a period without citizenship or is there a degree of overlap we are yet to hear from the bangladesh your thirty's of course whether or not they will take a given the fact that she traveled to syria given the fact that she married an eyesore fighter and critics of this decision also say well with the british government have done this had she been a jewel national of a western country are they essentially passing the buck on to a country outside europe there is also
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a big moral ethical question over child of the child is automatically british whoever is making this next decision will have to weigh up the potential threat posed by this newborn and the rights of the child but it's not beyond the realms of the possible that begum loses custody off a child but how that will actually be implemented is very very unclear. the leader of pakistan administered kashmir masood khan has told al jazeera he fears there's a risk of war with india after last week's attack in the disputed region forty one indian paramilitary soldiers were killed in pakistan based. on that it claimed responsibility khan insists the pakistani government was not involved in the attack . we reject the allegations that the indian government has made and we all saw
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denounced the kind of frenzy that indian ruling party and the extremist groups have picked up there in india and the kind of anti pakistani. sentiment that there we bring up there is a very very negative and this is pushing the two countries to the brink of war and we are against this kind of warmongering the other reaction that i want to give is that there is a bigger reality there is this incident of course and pakistan has denied any responsibility has made but at the same time i would like to say that there is a bigger reality there and the bigger reality is that for the past so do one cheers midis have been brutalized and about half a million views have been killed in the past. seventy one jeers and killings are continuing people are being tortured and maimed and blinded or united nations has
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offered to broker talks between india and pakistan al-jazeera has more on this now from the indian capital new delhi. india has always steadfastly refused any third party mediation in the kashmir dispute they say it's strictly a bilateral issue between them and baucus don even though box has over the decades tried to get different third parties involved including the un before but india says no matter what parties in power that know this is strictly a bilateral issue now with elections going on here india which would always take a tough stance when this kind of incident what happened is taking even tougher stance even the leader of india's office issued has been saying that we are with the government that this is not the time to talk action needs to be taken and a lot of the news channels here in india a lot of the media is also pushing this narrative talking about the attacks continuously for days but some mary's living in various parts of india have told us
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they're now getting a lot of blowback from that the local mobs have come harassed even threatened them with violence some even breaking into their hostels and trashing the place and forcing them to flee to bigger cities like new delhi one student we spoke to says other students like him have fled the area because of the the conflict going on there but now that all of this is happening in the various parts of india that they're actually going back to mir just so they can feel safe he has access from the european union has been thrown into the chaos off to three and pays quite to the ruling of the road and policy of the prime minister's bright strategy on a super sarah wollaston and heidi allen has left the conservatives saying to reason that is handling a brick set has been disastrous they've joined eight of the and pais from the opposition labor policy will have formed a new political organization called the independent group. i'm hoping that this
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will really concentrates minds of colleagues in the in the conservative party that we know share our concerns and also share our values and our principles and are very unhappy about the direction of travel i think the other thing that i would say is this i also hope it gives courage to members of the government who are deeply concerned about this no deal becoming a real a real possibility and it will give them the courage next week to do what frankly some of them should done a long time ago or paul brennan joins us live now from westminster what does this mean for the british prime minister paul particularly if more defections follow. well the bigger the big question is how big is this going to get you've got eleven members of parliament now who have become nonaligned effectively they've resigned from their respective parties eight of them on the left of the political spectrum with the labor party three of them now from the right of the player of the
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political spectrum the conservative party but all for the same reason and that is the dissatisfaction and disillusionment with the way that both of those parties have been handling bracks it now how many more are going to join them you heard from on a subaru there she hopes that her resignation and that of her two colleagues will be a rallying call potentially even up to cabinet minister level and that remains to be seen we have the prospect of what should be a meaningful vote on the government's for exit strategy next week or the prime minister is very reluctant to actually set a date on that vote and we know that there are cabinet ministers who are absolutely horrified by the prospect of britain exiting the european union without an agreed deal some may resign rather than face that prospect so the big question is how many more will join this independent group and that will depend on how important an effective it is whether it's a minor tremor or whether it's a full political earthquake and difficult to gauge at this stage poll but how much support my they have in the country how appealing could
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a grouping like this be to many people who perhaps feel as though they're not being represented by any political party at the moment. it it's difficult to say and the reason why is because of the nature of the political debate in the u.k. at the moment one of the criticisms of the debate since the bracks referendum has been the way that bracks it is effectively polarized societies views it was a situation that was described by on a subregion saying entryism has taken hold in both of the main parties labor and the conservatives the policies have been driven in the labor party to the to the left really. further to the left than the previous conservative party being held hostage by hard right grouping such as the european research group and the democratic unionist party very you know hard right groups what the new grouping which is not a full political party what they want to do is reclaim the center ground and what
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they hope is that that kind of voice of moderation can strike a chord with ordinary people who want to see politics and actually understand it and find something that they can find in common with politicians because what the politicians who've resigned are saying is that the politicians at the moment in the u.k. are certainly not representative of the wider public thank you very much paul brennan with the latest from westminster. so i have for you on the program the ecological disaster in the niger delta that's making people sick and destroying likelihoods and the country that rose from the ashes of genocide and civil war to become one of the wealthy fastest growing economies.
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and i was reading again in china shouldn't bring but it is the satellite feed you give something away and there's a least some clarity and given the scale of the country that's probably significant it is it reveals itself in the continuing forecast if you get as far north as hunan still this is the place where you're going to get snow but most are in the city of long as you can see but around and the rain is elsewhere moving through shanghai even touching hong kong and and fuji on during friday once it's gone the sun's back out and temps everything probably lift your hands up to about eleven by this time shanghai still stuck in the rain down a bit down to nine degrees we've got rain developing right now in pakistan this is an invigorating system moving so you know hoods hasn't given much rain the science of it certainly will give more next twenty four hours and in northern pakistan afghanistan that start to bring i think some mudslides with it there's always the risk there's the picture on thursday stuff course when you get into to bethen
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plateau and that's where it'll stay the day afterwards again is it's reduced and it's a matter but that's where the snow is going to be otherwise fine looking with it as is the case for the reverend peninsula of the next day is still a northerly breeze through qatar. a face can tell a story without uttering a single. unknowing glom. a simple touch in for. the un convention manatee a flying witness through the lens of the human eye. is what inspires us. witness documentaries on al-jazeera.
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welcome back quick look at top stories now u.s. back syrian democratic forces have started evacuating civilians from my sil's last remaining pockets of land in eastern syria dozens of trucks have left the perceived village whose leader of pakistan administered kashmir is told al jazeera he fears as a risk of war with india after last week's attack in the disputed region which left at force one in the entire military soldiers dead. and three m.p.'s from the u.k.'s ruling conservative party have resigned over the government's handling of brics it's a joint eight of the m.p.'s from the opposition labor party who formed a new political organization called the independent group. now in other news iran's foreign minister has accused the united states of hypocrisy following the
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release of a report detailing how members of the trumpet ministrations sought to shine nuclear technology with saudi arabia the trumpet ministration pulled out of the land not nuclear deal with iran in two thousand and fifteen an investigation has been launched into whether corporate interests were for the head of the law when it came to the saudis why counterpoints. the twenty four page report is extensive and reach in detail providing names dates and specific communications relating to u.s. nuclear technology in saudi arabia the oversight committee under representative elijah cummings based the report on what it calls whistleblower accounts evidence provided by career officials within the administration deeply concerned about what would appear to be a deeply corrupt process circumventing congress what is surprising us the scope of u.s. government officials. directly involved and nice business to business
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talks. with out this close and potential economic interest in the work that they were doing and that is certainly what is new among those named in the report to president trump's son in law and adviser jared cushion or who refinanced a deeply indebted new york building with a company called brookfield business partners which had just acquired a nuclear services company westinghouse electric under scrutiny as well question his ongoing relationship with the saudi crown prince mohammed bin salman. and central to the report longtime trump supporter and one time national security advisor michael flynn who the report says was deeply involved in pushing a nuclear plan for saudi arabia that included the construction of as many as forty saudi nuclear plants the report says michael flynn was a paid advisor to a company known as i p three international during the presidential campaign through
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the transition period and even while serving as national security advisor the report ends on february the twelfth that is last week president trump participated in a white house meeting with private nuclear power developers initiated by i p three international and as a democrat led oversight committee commences a large scale investigation the question is whether house republicans will commit to it as well mike hanna al-jazeera washington saudi state media says four soldiers have been killed while fighting his the rebels on the border with yemen rebels say they're continuing with their military offensive at the border taking saudi military positions south of jan and a large number of weapons net mantra and it's the worst violence since the un brokered peace deal was signed in december. now a new phone app that links patients with blood donors is helping thousands of
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people in yemen but one of the biggest problems is storage hospitals and health centers have been devastated by war and getting blood delivered in time is proving a difficult challenge for him reports. when a brain cutoff learned his blood type was the right match he rushed to help the patient and knowing the old girl. her family called him after he joined a new blood donation after. people suffering from cancer and diabetes and other diseases call me for help i register my number in the app and people can just call me directly i ask where they're based and go to donate blood. the app connects those in need of blood to the closest. is an engineering student and came up with the idea after his friend was diagnosed with cancer and needed a transfusion. to work offline as the entire database can be downloaded on the users if the person is in need of blood a donor with the same blood group can be easily found in contact at any time. i
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think this is vital in a country at war where the internet often does not work during food or years of conflict yemen struggle to keep its hospitals and clinics open many have been destroyed. and with a growing number of patients the health system continues to deteriorate. and then i cannot even afford the means of transportation to the hospital as a result of an air strike my wife died and i out of shocks of a kidney failure i have seven children to feed and house rent to pay i am helpless only god knows why situation. of not living in you up is providing much needed help and there are many donors but the real difficulty is finally a way to preserve blood needed for transfusions and get it to the patients before it's out of date. the war has made travel difficult and even if they reach a clinic there is no guarantee the blood will be available now there are fears that
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the mean transfusion center in the capital sana'a may be forced to close. by the nominee but we have a supply of solutions sufficient for one week only and a little help is provided the center will come to a halt many patients and beneficiaries will be affected including those suffering from cancer kidney failure and fall a senior apart from victims to the war. in blood transfusion centers across yemen are facing similar conditions leaving the sick and their families with nowhere else to go and bring him out as. egypt has executed nine people the killing of its top prosecutor in two thousand and fifteen. was attacked just one day before the second anniversary of mass protests that prompted the military to oust former president mohamed morsy six others have had their death sentences lifted but will serve life in prison government blame the attack on the muslim brotherhood and gaza based mass but both have denied any involvement.
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nigerian fuel supplies of cut the price of petrol and of between courage people to travel to vote in presidential elections this saturday a vote was scheduled to take place last saturday but was delayed by a week just a few hours before the polls would you to open both of the main parties of expressed concern that the delay would result in a reduced voter turnout for president obama to bihari who is seeking another term in office have promised to clean up the niger delta which has been devastated by oil spills but for many who live in that region little has changed as harmon tasa now reports people living in this part of the niger delta say they contraband but when the sun was put up all they know is that the water and soil in the area is not safe after decades of oil spills and criminal groups sabotaging all pipelines millions of nigerians are unemployed fishing is how some family survive and despite the danger to their health many men venture into the creeks are people in.
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the dairy without having something to eat that is well. into this polluted water to catch fish so jim quarter it. in here there is no option environmentalist say the niger delta is an ecological disaster zone scarred by decades of oil spills that a polluted the water killing animals trees and plants village elders say the last time this area was clean was more than ten years ago you can smell the crude oil and it's not pleasant people here say they feel forgotten by the government and exploited by oil companies over the years some communities have taken all companies to court and were financially compensated blessing nor do has taken her case to a district court at the hague her husband was one of the nine activists killed with cancer we were in one thousand nine hundred five by nigeria's then military government she believes the oil company shell was complicit shell has always
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maintained the allegations are false. all i want is justice every time i go to the netherlands embassy for a visa ad they say no i think some people don't want me to tell the truth about what they did to my husband. others who remember what the place used to look like just when the pollution of the region's water and soil to stop i was very little green i used to go with my uncle to fish. and this place used to be called violent. the desert used to be. mangrove forests i mean a very mongrel forest that's how it was then we have critics are we going to screech to a different species of fish. the oil companies nigeria's government the united nations and other agencies are sponsoring a cleanup campaign clearing did foliage spilled oil and planting new mangroves but the work will take decades to complete if at all meanwhile amongst all the poverty
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all companies will keep pumping out as much as they can people in the community say they are not benefiting from the oil wealth some of the things they're demanding are jobs some of the money and better infrastructure how to al-jazeera in the niger delta for the last twenty years cambodia has been one of the world's fastest growing economies foreign investment and exports have made us an economic juggernauts corruption remains a problem posing a serious threat to its progress when he reports now from. the story of cambodia's rise is a remarkable one from the ashes of genocide and civil war this country has been for decades rebuilt and transforms on the back of foreign investment and strong exports this year cambodia had the fastest growing economy in the world ranking its head for twenty years the wealthy have become very wealthy although exactly how much money they have is in many cases impossible to know given that cambodia resorts are
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regarded by some as one of the most corrupt countries in the world in the last few years a small middle class has also begun to emerge thanks partly to a surge of foreign investment in real estate led by china. for the country. and more expensive and some people can get money from selling a piece of land and. moving around in the country poverty rates in cambodia have fallen in the last fifteen years with twelve percent of the population now classified as severely poor lower figure than before but the overwhelming majority of those who have climbed off the bottom are only just above it meaning they could easily slip down again the united nations estimates that more than twenty percent of cambodians are vulnerable to poverty the statistics are heading in the right direction but there's an underlying fragility cambodia's
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economy has been largely built on agriculture and textile exports to sic business still very much relies on the concern is there hasn't been enough emphasis on diversifying the economy and because of that it's vulnerability could be easily exposed. there are a number of threats to cambodia's growth including drought that's forecast this year a possible global economic slowdown or tariffs being imposed on its exports by the european union over its human rights record but for many people there are more immediate concerns made worse by the real estate boom. with the constant fear of being forced out when a property developer comes knocking now i knew that going on the recap program living in this community i'm very concerned every day i don't have a land title because authorities haven't reduced or due to the people so we're always worried about being a victim. cambodia is developing fast but there are many threats emerging that
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could make for an uncertain economic future and a long way for some to climb out of poverty when hey al-jazeera lump him or you'll find more features stories like the one we just saw from cambodia on our website al jazeera dot com all the latest news there is well. just a quick recap of the top stories for you now u.s. backed syrian democratic forces of started evacuation civilians from i still say last remaining pockets of land in eastern syria dozens of trucks have left the besieged village of officials say the presence of civilians in the area had slowed their advance but because it's believed they were being used as human shields by eisel forces syrian fighters say they now expect to liberate the town within twenty four hours and run khan has more from. i saw now in about a square kilometer of territory that they are holed up in but they've been prepared
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for this fight for a very long time and they know the village well they know the territory very well so it will be an easy fight for the syrian democratic forces they'll have to go in through the main routes into the village and that's where they'll face stiff resistance also a lot of the isis forces actually underneath the village in tunnels that they've been digging and they'll likely to be able to use those tunnels to try and get behind the as the air forces as they come in meanwhile in southern syria people living in the camp of ignored a twenty four hour window given by russia on the syrian government to leave many in the camp feared that humanitarian cardle setup would not be safe and all the headlines the leader of pakistan administered kashmir has told al jazeera he fears there's a risk of war with india after last week's attack in the disputed region forty one indian paramilitary soldiers were killed in the car bombing pakistan based on group jaish e mohammad kind responsibility for the attack three m.p.'s from the ruling conservative
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party have resigned of the government's handling of bricks that they've joined eight other m.p.'s from the opposition labor party who formed a new political organization called the independent court and iran's foreign minister has accused the us of hypocrisy following the release of a report detailing how members of the trumpet ministrations sought to share nuclear technology with saudi arabia in two thousand and fifteen in the trump ministration pulled out of the landmark nuclear deal with iran an investigation has now been launched into whether the corporate interests were being pushed ahead of the law in dealings with the saudis or that brings you up to date with all of our top stories this hour that will be more news in about twenty five minutes time that will be from doha our i'll see you in a couple of hours time now for witness. digital
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media piety and maria ressa is the founder of online side rock records he is fake news it is whatever power doesn't like the president of the philippines abroad rico deter day says he wants to kill as many people involved with drugs doesn't possible on the lists his critics as public can and. graft learn and on might you cite and known to be critical of the government had its license revoked a few weeks ago the end goal is to silence dissent why.


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